A Handbook for Teachers of African American Children


Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0-9629369-4-4
Release Date: May 2004
Page Count: 160
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A Handbook for Teachers of African American Children is a guide providing strategies and suggestions for teachers to utilize towards raising the achievement levels of African American children. Principal Kafele states emphatically that no teacher of African American children can afford not to read this book. He says that as long as classroom teachers fail to make connections with their African American students, learning will certainly fail to occur. A Handbook For Teachers of African American Children shows teachers how to make connections with their African American students through the information contained in the following chapters.

Chapter 1 – The Missing Component: African-centered Instruction

The relationship between African American history, African-centered instruction, developing a purpose for learning, self-esteem and achievement.

Chapter 2 – A Mindset for Teaching

Developing a clearly defined purpose for teaching, being mission-driven, having a vision, being goal-oriented and recognizing your role model status.

Chapter 3 – Motivating Your Students

Strategies for keeping students motivated throughout the school year.

Chapter 4 – Effective Classroom Instruction

Towards raising student achievement levels, the teacher must be cognizant of how students learn while knowing which instructional models best address their learning styles.

Chapter 5 – Planning and Organization

Strategies for purposeful planning and helping teachers to remain organized throughout the school year.

Chapter 6 – Managing Your Classroom

The relationship between classroom management and learning. Strategies are offered for creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, while engaging in effective classroom management practices.

Chapter 7 – Making Connections

Building positive, productive relationships between teachers and students. If meaningful connections are not being made between the teacher and students, the probability for learning diminishes significantly.

Chapter 8 – Holding Yourself Accountable

Strategies for teachers to look within themselves as a result of both student failure and success.

Chapter 9 – Professional Development

A discussion of the importance of ongoing professional development for teachers. Teachers must be life-long learners while striving to develop and maintain meaningful collegial relationships with peers.

Chapter 10 – A Note on Parental Engagement

Developing relationships with parents that are meaningful and productive towards student success.


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