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SCHOOL LEADERSHIP (full and half day available)

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Keynote Titles (inquire within for descriptions)


  • Avoiding School Leadership Burnout
  • Climate & Culture are a Reflection of MY Leadership!
  • Does Instruction Thrive Under My Leadership: A Discussion on Effective Instructional Leadership
  • “Who Is That Leading MY School?” – An Examination of the Principal’s Leadership Identity, Presence & Impact
  • “What Defines MY Leadership?” – An examination of the Principal’s Leadership Mission, Purpose, Vision & Value
  • “Is My School a Better School BECAUSE I Lead It?”
  • The Intentionality of School Leadership Effectiveness
  • Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence (THE PRINCIPAL 50)
  • Your Leadership is the Number One Determinant of Your School’s Success
  • Extraordinary Results Require an Extraordinary Attitude
  • Diversity, Race and Equity: Considering All of the Learners
  • Positioning Your Students for Greatness!
  • The BEST Principal is a “BAM Principal!”
  • The BEST School is a “BAM School!”
  • Your School’s Brand Determines Student Outcomes
  • School Leadership Strategies for Closing the ATTITUDE GAP
  • School Leadership Strategies for Creating a Climate and Culture of Excellence
  • School Leadership Strategies for Empowering Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life
  • School Leadership Strategies for Transforming the Attitudes of At-Risk Students
  • Effective School Leadership for Today’s Urban Schools
  • So You’re Ready to be a Principal? Let’s Talk
  • So You Aspire to Become a School Administrator? LET’S TALK!
  • Maximizing the Strengths of the Assistant Principal Beyond the Role of School Disciplinarian


  • Just One Teacher Can Completely Alter the Trajectory of a Child
  • “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me…I Just Don’t Learn the Way You Teach”
  • Climate & Culture Cannot Be Transformed With Disciplinarian Referrals
  • YOUR Power is in YOUR Attitude
  • Closing the ATTITUDE GAP: How to Fire Up Your Students to Strive for Excellence
  • Critical Questions for Inspiring Classroom Excellence (THE TEACHER 50)
  • “Just Level the Playing Field and Watch Me Excel!” – Confronting Classroom Inequity Toward Students of Color and Underserved Students
  • Motivating, Educating and Empowering the Black Male Learner
  • YOU MATTER…You Make a Difference!
  • The BEST Teacher is a “BAM Teacher!”
  • The BEST Classroom is a “BAM Classroom!”
  • Every Student Deserves a ROCK STAR Teacher
  • “Teacher, Do You Really Think You Know Me?”
  • Every Student Deserves Teachers Who Are Absolutely “Fired Up” About Them!
  • You Don’t Have Discipline Problems…It’s BIGGER Than That
  • Refueling When Your Tank is Almost Empty
  • You are the Number One Determinant of Your Students’ Classroom Success
  • Extraordinary Results Require an Extraordinary Attitude
  • The Intentionality of Classroom Excellence


  • Motivating, Educating and Empowering Your Sons
  • Empowering Parents Toward Inspiring Their Children
  • Principal Kafele’s 50 “I’s” For Effective Parenting
  • The Intentionality of Parenting Excellence


  • Wake Up!!!
  • To Be a Man
  • To Be a Husband
  • To Be a Father


  • School District Convocations
  • Conferences (Educators, Parents and Youth)
  • Conferences (Colleges and Universities)
  • New Teacher Orientations
  • Graduations (All Levels)
  • Martin Luther King Celebrations and Services
  • Black History Month Programs
  • Kwanzaa Celebrations
  • Rites of Passage Ceremonies
  • Student “Empowerment” Meetings
  • Church Messages
  • Juvenile Detention Facilities
  • Prisons
  • Halfway Houses